Las Vegas Pool Season Is Coming Quicker Than Ever

Splish splash: Take a dip in the best Las Vegas pools

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My, oh my. Is it pool season already? We’re still in our  hibernation mode! But if you’re headed to Vegas, you’ll want to take a dip — beach body ready or not.

We’ve come up with a list of our all-time favorite Vegas pools, which we like to call our Fine Nine. With several different pools on the Strip and off the Strip, we wanted to make it worth your while. And we think everything from lagoon-style pools and shark tanks to killer views and outdoor concerts do the trick.


Those oranges may not be real, but they’re fun to look at. Enjoy the rooftop vibe at Citrus at the Grand Pool Deck. Photo courtesy of Downtown Grand.

Citrus at the Grand Pool Deck, Downtown Grand

Event: There will be a grand opening party at the pool Saturday, April 30. Open to the public, guests can enjoy live music starting at 8:30 p.m. We’re kicking off our pool list with this downtown gem since it just got a spiffy makeover. Located on Downtown Grand’s rooftop, the 35,000-square-foot Citrus at Grand Pool Deck provides a bright and cheerful atmosphere and an amazing al fresco happy hour.

Besides its infinity pool, cabanas and grass seating, you can enjoy outdoor games like foosball, corn hole, table tennis and more. Or you can just sit and admire the faux orange fruit trees (hey, we like ’em!) and skyline views of the surrounding downtown hotels. Plus, we’re digging the green and yellow accent colors. It puts us in a great mood. (Speaking of great mood, the bar’s new weekday happy hour is not to be missed, available 4 p.m. – 7 p.m.)  And talk about fresh: If you’re dining poolside, the herbs in your dish actually come from the pool’s own organic herb garden. You can’t get any more sustainable than that. Enjoy your meal at one of the pool’s shaded tables.

You can catch us at the bar sipping on a fresh-squeezed spiked lemonade.


We spy with our little eyes, something… awesome. Aria’s pool has it all. Photo courtesy of MGM Resorts International.


Aria’s 215,000-square-foot pool area is located center Strip and is personally one of my all-time favorite Vegas spots. Maybe it’s the jaw-dropping skyscraper views. Maybe it’s the oversized and secluded whirlpools. Or maybe it’s small yet noticeable touches, like its waterfall fixture, bright flowers and oversized trees. Anyway you look at it, Aria nailed it. The pool area is both upbeat and relaxing, which makes it so easy to hang out here all day.

Las Vegas Has The Best Nightclubs


Ah, the Las Vegas Strip. Home to arguably the best people watching experience you’ll ever have (unless you’re one of those people being watched, which is just as likely). For some of you, we’re about to sum up your Vegas experience in a nutshell. You came, you saw, you were conquered – by that cheap bottle of gas station vodka you insisted on getting instead of paying for drinks at a real bar. Face-down on the stale casino carpet isn’t how you want to remember your vacation, so don’t forget to look around while you’re here, it really is spectacular. And how you see it can make all the difference.

Las Vegas Has The Best Nightclubs – XS, Hakkasan & Marquee Nightclubs

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It's ok, pick up your jaw, we'll wait

Go ahead and pick up your jaw, we’ll wait. Photo courtesy of the Bellagio

Cruising down Las Vegas Boulevard is just one of the great ways to do it. Just ask any of the bass-thumping cars with California plates – that is, if you can get their attention with all the rump shaking going on. Limo rentals and party buses make it easy (and legal) to pop bottles and booties without ever having to stop the party.

Las Vegas Has The Best Nightclubs – XS, Hakkasan & Marquee Nightclubs

If you prefer to be behind the wheel, you might as well do it in style. Picture yourself pulling up to a stoplight in a jet black Ferrari. Are you a high roller or did you just star in the latest Hollywood blockbuster? Probably neither, but to the poor people sweating to death on the sidewalk, you’re probably both. If you’re craving a little more sensory exposure to the lights and sounds, motorcycle rentals put you in the middle of the action. There’s nothing like rolling the throttle back and hearing that engine growl while everybody turns to see who you are.

Oh, so you’re not on the prowl for a hot date? We’ve still got you covered. Big Bus Tours gives you so many options to hop off and hop on at multiple stops. You can sit up top for a front row seat view of the most iconic attractions on the Strip or relax in the air-conditioned level below. For the more adventurous, or the just plain curious, Segway tours are taking over as the new eco-friendly travel method du jour. Just remember to watch for the average drunken tourist who hasn’t seemed to make it to his hotel room just yet.

Dress codes at Vegas Strip Clubs


This is the story of Barry Belvedere. Barry wants to go to a nightclub, but he’s not sure what he should wear. He read the dress codes on the club’s website, but he’s also been to clubs before and seen people breaking them. Barry is very confused, and we’re betting he’s not alone.

Dress codes at Vegas Strip Clubs – Spearmint Rhino, Crazy Horse 3 & Sapphire

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las vegas strip club

Trying to decide what to wear to the club can be tedious and overwhelming, not only because you want to look as good as possible so the 12 people who can see past the darkness, lasers, smoke and their own drunkenness will like you. You always want to be sure you get in.

Regardless of body type, what you wear to the club matters. And there’s nothing worse than getting to the front of the line and being told you don’t meet the dress code, except, you know, all the things that are objectively worse than that. But we’re here to talk about the dress code thing. So let’s get down to it and see what we can do to help Barry, and all the Barry Belvederes of the world, get into the club and get their smooth on.

Seen here: Barry Belvedere smiling at the camera, not realizing the blonde is into him. Poor Barry.

Seen here: Barry Belvedere smiling at the camera, not realizing the blonde is into him. Poor Barry.

Dress codes at Vegas Strip Clubs – Spearmint Rhino, Crazy Horse 3 & Sapphire

What they say

The clubs all have their rules on their websites. We even like to list the obligatory “Establishment reserves the right to refuse entry to anyone not meeting dress code requirements.” It’s pretty important that they lay down the restrictions so your dad doesn’t show up in his khaki shorts and sandals+socks combo.

When Barry looked at the club’s site he saw clichés like “upscale nightclub attire” and the only slightly more specific “gentlemen must wear collared shirts and dress shoes.” The codes leave even more wiggle room than the dance floors. They also tend to specify no baseball hats or tennis shoes or ripped clothing or baggy clothing or lions or tigers or bears or saying “Oh my” unless you’re George Takei. That’s a lot of stuff you can’t do. But damn clubs, tell us how you really feel.

"Oh I'm just standing in my closet trying to decide what to wear tonight and smiling like a freaking psycho."

“Oh I’m just standing in my closet trying to decide what to wear tonight and smiling like a freaking psycho.”

What they mean

This is the point where Barry went to his closet, stared at his wardrobe, looked at the tux he wore to his brother’s wedding, the suit he wore to his Bar Mitzvah and the cocktail dress he wore in college. But which should he pick? Which will get him through the door and which will get him some action? That is the question that’s worth only slightly more than the table fee.

The clubs put dress codes in because they want to keep everything as upscale as they can. To quote Omnia, “This journey is an occasion, so please dress for it.” That makes sense. Most people don’t make clubbing a nightly outing. It’s something special to do on vacation or when your BFF just got dumped and needs some rebound booty before the breakup box shows up. But what the clubs really mean is that they don’t want people to treat this place like it’s a bar. A nightclub isn’t a bar. It isn’t a place you decide to go when you want a drink. It’s a place you plan in advance and consider an adventure. You should look nice not because the people at the door are requiring it, but because you want to feel, in your own skin, like 007 has nothing on you. That’s how Barry felt when he looked in the mirror.

Las Vegas Escorts

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