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How to Negotiate Prices in Vegas Strip Clubs

Personally, I hate negotiating prices with dancers. If a dancer says her price for a dance is something other than the standard price for that club—and every club has a standard rate for its dances—I usually decide right then and there if I’m willing to pay her price. If a club has a standard rate of $250 for 30 minutes, but the dancer I’m interested in says, “I charge $300,” I’ll either say okay or no thanks.

It’s not that I’d feel like a cheapskate if I said, “How about $250?” so much as I’m worried that I’ll get less of a dance if she says okay. I don’t want a dancer’s cut-rate version of her private show. I want her to do everything she can to try and tempt me to get another dance. And if I’m arguing about a $50 price difference, she might assume I’m bargaining because I’m short on funds (which may or may not be true), and she may not try all that hard to make me happy.

So my general approach to Vegas strip club negotiations is to try to ward off negotiations in the first place.  If I were in a situation where I was going to have to negotiate because there is no standard club price for what I’m asking for, I’d still try to ward off negotiations as much as possible using the principles below.

Strip Club Negotiations Rule #1: Know the house rates.

At TVO, I list the house rates for VIP and private show dances, including the required bar tabs, for every strip club in Vegas. (See “Las Vegas Strip Club VIP Room Value Guide”.) If you don’t know the house’s standard rates before you go into a club, you will be at a great disadvantage when talking price with a dancer, the guy at the door, and everyone else.  You won’t even know if a dancer or club employee is quoting you the standard price.

The house rate at a Vegas strip club is not like a price in a store.  Because dancers are independent contractors and not employees of the clubs, the clubs can’t force dancers to charge the house rate.  But most dancers at a club will charge the house rate.  If there is a situation or club where many dancers charge a different rate, it is noted on the TVO VIP Value Guide.

If you’ve forgotten the prices listed on TVO and you don’t have your phone to check the house rates, or you think the rates may have changed, ask a host or manager the standard club prices before you start talking to dancers.  Be sure to ask about the required bar tabs or bottle fees for the different VIP offerings. For one thing:

Many Vegas Strip Club Dancers May Not Actually Know the House Price

Vegas strip clubs are unlike strip clubs in most other cities because many of our dancers don’t live here. They drive in or fly in for weekends and special events.

Many of them also dance at different clubs on different trips, and every club’s rates are different. So a lot of dancers don’t know the standard rates themselves, and this is especially true when it comes to required VIP bar tabs.

Because of this, we have more dancers here who misquote prices out of ignorance than you’ll find in other cities. The best way to guard against being misquoted out of the dancer’s ignorance is to follow: